Cavilla - FAQs

Cavilla Lash Essence

1. What effects can I see? And how long it takes?

You will be able to see longer, fuller, & thicker lashes in approximately 3-4 weeks.

2. Why do I experience redness & tingling sensation around the lid?

Cavilla Lash Essence stimulates blood circulation and therefore during the first few usage, you may experience slight redness or maybe slight itch initially. But it is a perfectly normal reaction. This will eventually go away within 3-5days.

3. Can I apply more and accelerate growth process?

Don't rush to gain. Persistence would be the word for this. Always remember sowing and harvesting will never be the same season. 

4. Can I use on my eyebrows too?

Yes, Cavilla Lash Essence is suitable for both eyelash and eyebrows. Our customers have seen visible results on their eyebrows too!


Cavilla Hair Tonic

1. What effects can I see? And how long it takes?

You will be able to see results within 3-4 weeks, the first bottle usage. The first visible results you will see would be baby hair growing.

2. Will feel oily after applying?

No. It is water-base, for easy absorption. There is no oil content and will not block hair follicles as well.

3. Why do I feel a hot and tingling sensation after applying?

Because our hair tonic contains Chinese herbs, it effectively stimulates our blood circulation and follicles to promote hair growth. Therefore, it is very normal to have a hot and tingling sensation after applying.